Festival de lindy hop et de musiques swing à Rennes

Swinging, fun and always more crêpes!

From May 10 to 12th, 2019

Important communication

Today, the CSF team has decided to be totally transparent with you. Last year, we offered an exceptional and completely crazy festival ! Probably the biggest in the history of Crêp’ Swing. Some asked us how we could organize a 5-day festival with high-flying teachers and 2 extraordinary bands every night in a big venue downtown for the price of a weekend. Well, we did nothing but take on a totally crazy deficit too! We were able to afford it. We made you happy. We had an AWESOME time. But we cannot cover such a deficit every year.

How is Crêp’ Swing financed if the passes and tickets are not enough to cover the expenses? Our team is always exclusively voluntary. We cannot even hope to get money from the bar, which is managed by the venue itself. Our only source of income comes from annual memberships in Hop’n Swing, with a price that is still as modest as ever compared to everything we offer.

This year, Crêp’ Swing will « only » last one weekend. With fewer evenings and a little less time for classes.  However, we can’t reduce the rates much. Trust us, we have done everything we can. The festival will remain in deficit no matter what, but in a more reasonable way. 😉

However, it’s not even an option for us to reduce our requirements and the comfort we want to offer to our festival goers. We refuse to increase the number of students, despite the high demand, to offer them the quality for which we are known. We will also not skimp on the number of crêpes offered during the weekend 🙂

Speaking of comfort, we are announcing it now: this year, part of the classes and the 2 evenings will still take place in the superb room of l’Etage ! Oh yeah! Doors will open at 8:30 pm and you will be able to enjoy live performances until 2:30 am with 2 bands every evening!

Now is the time. You were waiting for it. We are revealing the registration fees for the 2019 edition.

FULL PASS (6 hours of classes and 2 evenings) will be at 160 €
PARTY PASS (2 evenings) will be at 50 €

Reservations will open this SATURDAY AT 10 AM. We know you’ll be super ready! We will be too. Thank you so much for your support and for helping make the French swing scene so warm.

The CSF team

Fancy Crêp' !

More information will be published soon…

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Comme chaque année, Crêp’ Swing est organisé à perte ; la vente des pass complets, des pass soirées et des soirées à l’unité ne suffit pas à couvrir nos frais. Nous ne pouvons même pas récupérer les recettes de la buvette qu’on ne gère pas.

Mais alors, comment Crêp’ Swing est-il financé ?

Sans subvention, notre seule source de revenus provient de la trésorerie de l’association Hop’n Swing construite grâce à nos adhésions annuelles – au montant toujours modeste comparé à ce que nous offrons – et à notre fonctionnement 100 % bénévole.

L’équipe du CSF en discute tous les ans et choisit de conserver les tarifs les plus bas possible. Il n’est pas question de réduire les coûts en abaissant nos exigences et le confort que nous voulons offrir à nos festivaliers. Nous n’augmenterons pas davantage le nombre d’élèves, malgré la demande importante, pour leur offrir la qualité qui fait notre réputation. Et nous offrirons encore plus de crêpes et de caramel que l’année dernière ;)